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Pengeretur is Scandinavia’s address for assistance in resolving complex, card-not-present transactions. 

Our mission is to provide our clients with proven strategies that succeed in raising disputes with their banks or directly with the merchants themselves.

Are You Eligible for a Chargeback?

To provide you with an authoritative answer, we’ve developed Chargeback Eligibility Wizard. Powered by artificial intelligence, our Wizard is an advanced automated decisioning tool.

Simply answer the questions the Wizard asks and it will generate an analysis of your case, as well as provide you with our expert advice on how to proceed.

If you paid a significant amount of money for goods or services online using a credit card, debit card or cryptocurrency, but you didn’t receive what you ordered, you want to get your money back. Most people in this situation are not sure where or how to begin the fund recovery process. That’s where Pengeretur comes in. We assist consumers and banks with fund recovery disputes.

If you paid using a credit card or debit card, then it is critical to keep in mind that chargeback guidelines are updated two to three times a year. These thousand-page documents establish a framework for consumer protection, but they are not easy to read or understand. Not many bankers understand them. 

Therefore, you will need experts on your side to help you make sense of the fund recovery process and someone who has tried and true strategies for dealing with banks and regulation. You need a person with credentials and to be familiar with who is working on your behalf.  

Pengeretur is directed by payments industry veteran Judith Persson, who formerly served as senior vice president at Nets, one of the top payment providers in Europe with more than 250 bank partners. In that position, Judith Persson played a key role in the firm’s development of products designed to help issuers reduce losses due to fraud. Prior to Nets, she directed global fraud management at Danske Bank.

The Pengeretur team consists of experts who are evaluated not only on their thorough understanding of these guidelines, but also on their ability to successfully work with financial institutions to represent clients and to recover money for cardholders. That’s the value-added benefit that we provide our clients.

Pengeretur will ensure that your dispute is filed correctly and communicate with your bank as it is being processed to ensure that it is being dealt with thoroughly and fairly.

Pengeretur is the Scandinavian affiliate of MyChargeBack, the global leader in complex dispute resolution involving card-not-present transactions for goods and services that were not provided by the merchant as contracted. It has effectively worked with and built relationships with over 800 banks in more than 100 countries and, as a result, it has successfully recovered millions in disputed claims and put that money back into its clients’ wallets, where it belongs.

Rights That You Didn't Know You Had

The growth of eCommerce and the increasing use of payment alternatives to cash are creating an urgent need for effective fund recovery services. There are many types of fund recovery, including credit card chargeback, Paypal chargeback, wire recall, and more recently, cryptocurrency recovery. Some fund recovery issues are simple to resolve, such as unauthorized transactions on a credit card, whereas involving merchant disputes can be complex. 

Pengeretur.dk can provide substantial assistance for customers who are trying to get their funds back and have a dispute with a merchant or a broker. Just as a person involved in a court case would not think of appearing before a judge without a lawyer, similarly, a fund recovery service can be a necessity, particularly in the case of disputes over purchases of goods and services.

The chargeback process can be a lengthy one, and fund recovery experts are well-equipped to negotiate and support their clients through every step. The client should prepare all of the necessary documents and provide a fund recovery professional with a full picture of their dispute and why they need a chargeback.

The success of fund recovery often depends on how well the case is presented and how the needs of the client are articulated. Fund recovery experts are adept at consulting with clients, mapping strategies, negotiating with merchants and banks, and securing chargebacks on behalf of their clients.


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Chargeback Wizard

The Chargeback Wizard makes the process of fund recovery easier. There is no need to fill out a form and wait to get an analysis. The Complex algorithme powered tool make it easy to use and sensitive to the requirements of your situation.

Although it is also helpful to consult with a human fund recovery expert, the Chargeback Wizard helps you through the preliminary stages and gives you feedback about the initial presentation of your case as well as advice about how to pursue it.
Using the Chargeback Wizard is as simple as filling out a form but without the wait. To use the Chargeback Wizard, you just need to answer questions that include basic information as well as a description of your case and details about what occurred.

In just a few minutes, the Chargeback Wizard will analyze your case using complex algorithm powered technology and provide you with guidance about what steps you should take in the chargeback process.



Fund Recovery Process

The basic pattern of the fund recovery process is that the customer has a complaint about a purchase or a service and tries to ask for a refund. If the merchant refuses to grant it, the customer goes to the issuing bank, which is the bank that issues the credit card and explains their situation.

If the issuing bank believes that the cardholder’s case has merit, they will pass it along to the acquiring bank, which will inform the merchant of the issue and ask for a response. The merchant may decide to grant the chargeback or refuse it and provide their reasons for refusal.
This response will go back to the acquirer who will send it along to the issuing bank, which will decide whether to accept the new evidence or agree with the cardholder. If they agree with the cardholder, the issuing bank may decide to pursue the case further.

This process is complex, and there are a number of activities that can make it go more smoothly. Intelligence reports can help cardholders make their case and provide information about the situation. Fund recovery professionals can generate intelligence reports after consulting with the client and getting a full picture of the merchant, the transaction, and the product or service.
To create an effective intelligence report, the client should provide sufficient information and documentation, including screenshots of communication with the merchant, receipts, and other evidence. The fund recovery service will investigate the merchant and their history as well as look carefully at the current situation to create an in-depth intelligence report that can aid fund recovery.


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