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Cryptocurrency represents is the brave new world of financial innovation, but it also includes uncertainty and even danger. Not only are there many cryptocurrency frauds to watch out for, but even the legitimate use of cryptocurrency can also be confusing to those who are new to digital currencies. From trying to understand how cryptocurrency payments work to sorting out the blockchain, straightforward transactions may become complicated. 

The situation can become even murkier regarding cryptocurrency and fund recovery. There are many people who believe that funds paid in cryptocurrency can’t be recovered at all, which isn’t entirely true. However, the blockchain is shrouded in mystery, at least regarding who is making the transactions, even though all transactions are recorded on the blockchain in code. Although credit card chargebacks have their challenges, crypto recovery can add an extra layer of complexity. 

Fund recovery from transactions made in bitcoin, ethereum or another form of digital currency can be complex, and that is why professionals with cryptocurrency expertise are required for this process. An essential tool for cryptocurrency fund recovery are crypto reports. To put together a crypto report, the professional must consult with a client, listen to what occurred in the situation and do further investigation. The result is a potentially persuasive and useful tool for crypto fund recovery. 

Professionals at Pengeretur provide information to consumers about credit card chargebacks, cryptocurrency refunds, wire recalls and other fund recovery strategies. We advise clients on the chargeback process and these best ways to pursue fund recovery whether the issue is merchant or broker dispute or if the charges were unauthorized.

What is Cryptocurrency?

There is not a day that goes by without a news story about cryptocurrency. Although digital coins were not mentioned that often in recent years, they experienced a surge of popularity recently, mainly due to the COVID pandemic. As people were at home and online, they were looking for new ways to make money, trade, and purchase items. Digital currency provided the capability to do all of this and more. 

Digital currency is, as the name implies, a digital alternative to physical currency. The word “crypto” comes of the code technology used to power the blockchain. Rather than being regulated by a government or central bank. Cryptocurrencies are managed on the blockchain with calculations that employ ledger technology. 

Every transaction is registered on the blockchain but is encased in a code that hides the identity of the people involved. This unfortunately has made the cryptocurrency market a boon to those who commit fraud since they can launder their money on the blockchain without anyone finding out who they are, at least, until law enforcement gets the information they need to unmask activity on the blockchain. 

Many people are making the transition from credit cards and payment platforms to digital currencies. It may not seem like an entirely wise move to transfer all of one’s funds to cryptocurrency, given the volatility of these assets, but it is an undeniable trend. 


By the same token, many merchants and brokers are accepting payments in cryptocurrencies. Consumers, however, should not be in such a rush to abandon their credit cards and Paypal accounts and start paying with bitcoin, because actual refunds are not possible on the blockchain. Transactions can’t be undone, but an additional transaction is needed to return the money. 

In addition, fund recovery can be a greater challenge on the blockchain than through credit card chargebacks. It is possible but requires special tools and a high level of crypto expertise. For instance, Interpol and the FBI can unmask blockchain transactions but only if they get a court order to require a company to reveal the code. This only works in fraud cases, but not in merchant or broker disputes.

What Are Cryptocurrency Reports?

A cryptocurrency report includes information gathered by fund recovery experts about a specific case involving a client who is requesting a refund. They may feel that a merchant did not deliver them the product or service they are promised. In the case where a merchant or a broker refused to return the money, a fund recovery expert will draw up a crypto report. This is used in cases where the customer purchased the service or item with cryptocurrency. 

A cryptocurrency report will start at the beginning and describe the entire situation. It will include documentation provided by the client, including pictures of the item, communications through email or text, and screenshots as well as a written testimony made by the customer. 

The cryptocurrency report will go further and detail an investigation by the fund recovery expert into the merchant or brokers’ history, an account of similar complaints or warnings from regulators. The purpose of the cryptocurrency report is to provide enough evidence that the authorities can compel the other party to return the money. In cases of fraud, it can convince a judge to honor a court order for a company to allow an investigation of blockchain transactions.

What Do Clients Need to Provide for Cryptocurrency Reports?

To begin the process of cryptocurrency reports it is important to work with a competent fund recovery service with expertise in cryptocurrency. You should provide all of the information you can, including photos of the item or evidence of defective service. 

This means giving them documentation such as copies of emails, texts, and screenshots. You should create a testimony describing all relevant events that will help you build your case and your claim for fund recovery. 

There is no guarantee that working with a fund recovery company or having a cryptocurrency report will result in fund recovery. Cryptocurrency and the blockchain are complex and even experts have to work hard to track down money lost through bitcoin transactions. However, with the right team and tools, you can have fund recovery success, even with cryptocurrencies. 

Pengeretur professionals provide you with information and assistance for fund recovery, particularly with chargebacks. We provide information about the chargeback process and tools that will help you analyze your situation and assess the best strategies for pursuing a chargeback. 

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